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This land we are putting it on was donated to the ... more
Bxeitqznva · 18 minutes ago
However, COGS reduction should not be thought of a... more
Bxeitqznva · 19 minutes ago
But when someone who makes 300,000,000$ a year mak... more
Bxeitqznva · 20 minutes ago
Walton, who met with top Soviet officials, wrote o... more
Bjmneityoj · one hour ago
This is a rueful GOP. Did I say I thought Gerling ... more
Bckvdldjpy · one hour ago
Now, 52.2 percent from the line is fine if you Sha... more
Bjmneityoj · one hour ago
Foster served as its president until retirement an... more
Bckvdldjpy · one hour ago
(Delhomme) has had a really good week, Mangini sai... more
Bjmneityoj · one hour ago
"Colorado has been committed to the Big 12 Confere... more
Bckvdldjpy · one hour ago
He's matched only in goofiness by John Turturro (B... more
Bosvmlcsif · one hour ago

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