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Singer whose soaring vocals and poetic lyrics brok... more
wesfrost03 · 42 minutes ago
There are several reasons for so much violence in ... more
joshmuni52 · 42 minutes ago
"When it comes to the health of our families, Bara... more
wesfrost03 · 43 minutes ago
For example, the service fee that you pay for empl... more
joshmuni52 · 43 minutes ago
He was full of generosity and kindness and was als... more
wesfrost03 · 43 minutes ago
China, people do whatever they want with their apa... more
joshmuni52 · 44 minutes ago
思い出がいっぱい で、でもそれ以上に武器屋から逃げたかった。『好き』って言ってしまえばいいって何回も思... more
Nfyn12sxnFe · 47 minutes ago
President Nixon accepted the law passed by Congres... more
kurtblake42 · 54 minutes ago
De plus, moi j que les blagues c drle, et surtout ... more
kurtblake42 · 55 minutes ago
Obama's speech won't be overly political. But aide... more
kurtblake42 · 56 minutes ago

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